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Year of Establishment:

Current Staff:
Milena Marega, Country Office Director
Tatjana Studen, Financial and Project Officer
Mateja Sepec, Project Manager
Albin Keuc, Project Manager
Blanka Koron, Intern

Operational Budget in 2006: 
EUR 178.643

Major Achievements:
The first activities of the REC CO in the 1990s were related to providing environmental NGOs and local communities with training on environmental project management, accounting, and with financial support for their environmental activities. In 10 years of operation, the REC CO expanded its activities to all environmental stakeholder groups and created a broader field of environmental protection and sustainable development. The CO significantly supported communication and cooperation between all environmental stakeholders. It organised seminars, workshops and forums, providing trainings and information, with grants enabling the REC CO to assist Slovenian environmental NGOs, local communities, local authorities, business and academic sectors in becoming important performers of environmental protection activities and of national development programmes.

Knowledge and expertise in environmental protection, sustainable development issues and project management enabled the CO to get involved in implementation of several national and international projects and programmes. Among other things, the CO also took over as secretariat of several Phare cross-border programmes (1997-2003), the Phare Access Programme (2002/2003), Technical Assistance to Global Environmental Facility Focal Point (2000/2001) and Technical Assistance for Management of Project Preparation Facility Grant Scheme PPF II (2003) and provided technical assistance for management of "Cross-Border Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development" (2006), and “Strengthening Technological Centres” (2006) projects.

Outstanding recent achievements are listed below as follows:

  • Inclusive governance and implementation of partnership principle in European structural funds have become the priority working areas of the CO. Local communities, governmental institutions and civil society organizations are assisted in building capacity for cooperation and partnership.
  • For 9 years the CO Slovenia has been providing the technical assistance for managing Phare grant schemes. CO staff is now providing the consultancy and expertise to other Balkan countries.
  • The REC CO Slovenia has further strengthened and developed capacity for project dissemination and communication tasks on local, national and international level on sustainable mobility and energy efficiency issues.
  • The CO has helped to implement three global conventions (UNCBD, UNFCCC, UNCCD), and lent support to other environmental directives.
  • CO Slovenia, together with NGO representatives, was the initiator and coordinator of the Partnership for Environment — the strategy for cooperation between environmental NGOs and the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy (MoE). Since 2001, CO Slovenia has implemented and supported environmental forums and other forms of dialogue
  • Since 2000 CO Slovenia has supported implementation of strategic environmental assessment (SEA) in Slovenia. Several expert and public discussions were implemented, recommendations for SEA implementation were published, and the pilot SEA project was executed.
  • CO Slovenia, in cooperation with recognised experts, prepared recommendations for implementation of the Aarhus Convention, and has also been introducing guidelines on public participation in SEA.

One of the most important characteristics of the REC CO Slovenia is its neutral, non-advocacy and non-partisan role. This enables CO Slovenia to maintain a central position among different stakeholders, as well as excellent relations and cooperation with all of them. CO Slovenia is known as an organisation that often brings together representatives of different stakeholder groups who might otherwise have difficulties in communicating, and facilitates effective discussions on different topics related to environmental and sustainable development. Conclusions and recommendations from such events are directly used to introduce new environmental trends in Slovenia or to better implement policies and programmes.

Projects in Preparation

  • Partnership principle and approach in various proposals under EU FP7
  • Green Procurement Project
  • EEA Grants, Management of the NGO Fund in Slovenia by the Intermediate body

Important Projects (ongoing)

Important Projects (recently completed)

  • NCSA, National Self-Assessment for Capacity Building Needs, related to implementation of three global conventions (UNCBD, UNFCCC, UNCCD)
  • Italian-Slovenian Industrial Sustainable Development Partnership (ISDeP)
  • Enforcement of GMO legislation in Slovenia
  • Technical Assistance for Management of Project Preparation Facility Grant Scheme PPF II
  • COOPERATE! project
  • Identification of Municipal Investments and Partnership for EU Accession
  • Phare CBC Small Project Fund Slovenia/Italy 2001 (technical assistance)
  • Danube Regional Project II (regional grants)
  • Danube Regional Project (regional grants)
  • Project EBRD-GEF: Public Involvement Strategy
  • Facilitation of the Dialogue between Environmental NGOs and the National Agency for Radioactive Waste
  • Assessment of Environmental and Health Aspects of the National Development Plan of the R.S. 2001-2006
  • Technical Assistance on Strategic Environmental Assessment of RDPs
  • Establishment of Regional Development Network Structure in Slovenia

Country Office Expertise

  • Introducing new trends in environmental policy-making such as SEA, implementation of international conventions and environmental legislation;
  • Multi-stakeholder dialogue, supporting the partnership principle (in Structural Funds programming) and public participation / access to information;
  • Sustainable development, especially targeting on the industry sector, sustainable spatial planning and on regional development;
  • Providing secretariat and technical assistance in Phare Access, Phare CBC, etc;
  • Capacity building of all stakeholder groups, through own expertise and in cooperation with other experts.

Project Donors

  • European Commission
  • National Agency for Radioactive Waste
  • City of Ljubljana
  • Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe
  • UNDP
  • GEF
  • Slovenian Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy

Contact Address

Slovenska cesta 5
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel/Fax: (386-1) 425-7065
Tel: (386-1) 425-6860

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