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In 1999, the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC), in cooperation with the World Resource Institute (WRI), launched its Climate Change Programme to help Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries identify policies and measures to comply with the commitments and respond to the opportunities created by the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol.

Our activities are supported by funding from the US EPA, the European Commission DG ENV, the Government of Japan, the Ministry for Environment in Italy, the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, The Netherlands and the Mac Arthur Foundation.

Project Strategy

The overall strategy of the project is to work:

  • at the international level with an advisory committee consisting of representatives from EITs and Western countries. The committee guides the project activities according to international priorities and makes suggestions for future activities.
  • at the regional level by networking with a larger group of CEE countries, facilitating internet discussions and organising regional workshops.
  • at the national level with NGO partners.

What We Do

The programme covers a wide range of activities including NGO grants, outreach and organisational work in the target countries, regional workshops, publication production and dissemination, facilitation of information exchange and the promotion of constructive dialogue between stakeholders in order to build up constituency for action on climate issues in the CEE region.

How We Do It

NGO grants are awarded for the preparation of case studies on the following topics:

  • experiences of Activities Implemented Jointly (AIJ)/Joint Implementation (JI) in selected CEE countries;
  • assessment of the national climate policy with a special regard to energy issues;
  • capacity needs of CEE countries for the reporting and monitoring of GHG emissions; and
  • best practices in policies and measures aiming at the mitigation of climate change.

The case studies can be used as a tool for capacity building within the country to support the national governments in the climate negotiations and to provide input to the international climate community.

Workshops, consultations, meetings and seminars facilitate discussion about:

  • the experiences of CEE countries with AIJ;
  • the role of energy and transport sectors in the national climate policy;
  • the components of the national JI systems;
  • national system capacity for GHG emissions monitoring and reporting;
  • financing opportunities for climate protection; and
  • capacity-building needs in the EITs.

Contact information

Extensive information is available on the the REC's Climate Change Web site.

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