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Promoting environmental mediation
as a tool for public participation
and conflict resolution

Case studies

Czech Republic: Putting Toyota MC. and PSA Peugeot Citroen Corporate Social Responsibility Promises into Practice in the Czech Republic
This case illustrates how an environmental legal advocacy organisation, negotiated on behalf of a local community measures to be put in place by of the biggest corporations in the country -the joint venture between Toyota M.C. and PSA Peugeot Citroen - in order to put into practice the principles of corporate social responsibilities.

Fact sheet (PDF - 18 KB)
Case study (PDF - 77 KB)

Estonia: Negotiations over the Conditions of ICCP Permit for the Kunda Pulp Plant Factory
An example of how NGOs can negotiate with developers and reach agreements about the conditions of IPPC permit. Compared to the administrative or judical procedure, it was clearly more efficient as both parties had an interest in collaborating and making compromises, and none of the stakeholders was left totally unsatisfied.

Fact sheet (PDF - 22 KB)
Case study (PDF - 96 KB)

Estonia: Negotiations over the establishment of Saaremaa Deep Harbour

An example that sometimes the outcome of negotiations does not satisfy any of the parties. The lesson is to determine at the very beginning whether all parties actually want to hold negotiations and are ready to make compromises or not.

Fact sheet (PDF - 22 KB)
Case study (PDF - 99 KB)

Estonia: Negotiating the Conditions of the Mining Permit for the Merko Oil-Shale Mine

An example on how parties were able to find an agreement about changing the conditions of a mining permit after the implementation of injunctive relief by the court.

Fact sheet (PDF - 20 KB)
Case study (PDF - 22 KB)

Hungary: Szentgál Regional Landfill

This case show how two NGOs tried to facilitate a conflict over the siting of a landfill through the use of alternative dispute resolutions, by providing information to the conflicting parties on the different procedures available. None of the parties agreed to enter a mediation procedure, and the NGOs organised a facilitated negotiation meeting.

Fact sheet (PDF - 19 KB)

Case study (PDF - 65 KB)

Hungary: Route 10

This case illustrates a conflict regarding the planned construction of a new road in the outskirts of Budapest which has still not been solved, besides several attempts of different public institutions to mediate the conflict between environmental NGOs, local mayors and project developer. The mediation meetings led to an exchange of views of the two sides rather than finding a solution to the conflict, mainly because parties are strongly maintaining their standpoints.

Fact sheet (PDF - 123 KB)
Case study (PDF - 191 KB)

Poland: Mediation to End the Blockade of the Lubna Landfill

This case illustrates how poorly organised public participation activities, as well as avoidance of possible conflicts regarding such a sensitive issue as the establishment of a new landfill, can make local residents feel desperate enough to barricade the entrance and road to an old, badly maintained landfill near their homes. In efforts to get the rubbish moving again and establish conditions for the new landfill, the commune turns to the mediator to help to negotiate with the protesters.

Fact sheet (PDF - 133 KB)
Case study (PDF - 191 KB)

Slovenia: Finding the Site for the Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste Repository

This ongoing case shows that openness, transparency and a well arranged mediation/participation process can help to find a non-confrontational resolution to such a complicated issue as site selection for the radioactive waste disposal. Valuable lessons were learned from the previous site selection process, which had ended in failure.

Fact sheet (PDF - 24 KB)
Case study (PDF - 51 KB)
Leaflet 1 (PDF - 273 KB)

Leaflet 2 (PDF - 558 KB)

Ukraine: Returning the Protected Status to Natural Areas in the Lviv Region

An example that alternative dispute resolution can be a more effective use of time. In this particular case it saved a forest that might have otherwise been cut down during the long period of administrative or judicial process.

Fact sheet (PDF - 20 KB)
Case study (PDF - 49 KB)

Ukraine: Znesinnia Regional Landscape Park Versus Electric Power Supplier

An example of how the high level of interest in the case by the public proved to be an important motivation for the parties to find a satisfactory compromise.

Fact sheet (PDF - 21 KB)
Case study (PDF - 61 KB)


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