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  Transboundary Cooperation Through the Management of Shared Natural Resources
Neretva Delta


Neretva Delta Activities

Neretva Delta Forum (NDF)

The main aim of the Neretva Delta Forum is to increase cooperation and dialogue among groups and institutions in both countries and to promote the idea of shared responsibility for protection of the Delta. There are two levels: The Neretva Delta Forum at the country level and the steering committee at the cross-border level. The steering committee has eight members, all appointed by the Neretva Delta Forum. Members include representatives of the Ministry of Environment from Bosnia and Herzegovina; representatives of Dubrovnik Neretva County; municipal officials; NGO members; educators; tourism workers; farmers; and water management authorities.

Transboundary Neretva Delta Forum meeting - July, 2004

The transboundary meeting was held in Hutovo Blato Nature Park, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and covered three hot issues in the Neretva Delta: Current projects in the Neretva Delta and their coordination; the development of the water management project in Eastern Herzegovina and its influences on the Netetva Delta; and tourism development in the Delta. There were thirty participants representing ministries and local authorities, universities, public enterprises, Hutovo Blato Nature Park, tourist organizations and NGOs.

The Forum had special guests from the 'Hydro power plants on river Trebisnjica' public enterprise, who presented current activities and future development plans for their 'Upper horizons' project.  Forum members expressed their need for a more effective flow of information, and for better coordination of the activities in the Delta.

Tourism is seen as one of the main opportunities for the development of the area. For that reason, the REC will establish a tourism focus group, gathering tourism organizations, NGOs and the business sector. At the end of the meeting, an educational trail in Hutovo Blato Nature Park was presented to all members of the Forum, as well as the Nature Park itself.

Promotional materials

Promotional materials were used to raise awareness of the environmental value of the transboundary delta. Two brochures were produced, entitled:

  • For the good of people and nature; and
  • Priority identification workshop report, which contains summaries of five surveys and reports as well as a list of common priorities agreed to in workshops by both countries.

Brochures in English and Croatian/Bosnian were disseminated to all key stakeholders and other interested parties.

Other materials included:
  • The publication Join Nature;
  • CD-ROMs: Divina Natura and Neretva Delta Blues (CDs containing REC archival material and new photos of the Neretva Delta were designed and delivered to all relevant stakeholders in the Neretva area); and
  • Neretva Delta maps.

Database of key stakeholders (local and national)

Gathering contact information for potential partners of the project was the main activity of the site offices. Information on the project, including its goals and activities, was disseminated to stakeholders while communicating with them. The information gathered is organised in a simple stakeholders database (MS Excel document) containing the contact details and interests of all relevant stakeholders. This includes scientific institutions, authorities, state agencies, NGOs, schools and kindergartens, businesses, citizens and media.

Transboundary Neretva Delta Forum (NDF), May 14 2005

The meeting of the Neretva Delta Forum, organised in May 2005, was devoted to the 10th anniversary of the proclamation of the Hutovo Blato Nature Park in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the 15th anniversary of Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC). Representatives of ministries, local authorities, public enterprises, academic institutions, NGOs and international organisations from Bosnia and Herzegovina discussed plans and recent developments within the project, which has entered its third phase. All participants supported the work of the Neretva Delta Forum as a coordinating body. Special programmes were organised in celebration of the park’s anniversary, including a study visit to the park and its educational trail, which was developed within the project. The REC Project Office in Metkovic received a letter of thanks from the park’s authority for promoting environmental issues in the Neretva Delta area.


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