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Information Society Technologies and the Environment in Central and Eastern Europe
Welcome to the REC's Information Society Technology (IST) and environment website. Please follow the menu on the left or select from any of the project Web sites below:
  • Electronic Tools Task Force - an expert forum under the Aarhus Convention related to Information and Communication Technologies, active since July 2000
  • HEAVEN - Healthier Environment through the Abatement of Vehicle Emissions and Noise, Jan. 1, 2000 - Dec. 31, 2002
  • DETERMINE - Innovative Services and Solutions for the Citizen, June 3-5, 1998
  • CAPE - Coordinated Action for Pan-European Transport and Environment Telematics Implementation Support, June 1998 - December 1999
  • ENWAP - Environment Telematics for Water and Air Pollution Management, 1997-1999
  • Related Activities - Local Environmental Action Plans, public participation, the Bulletin.

Development of National Environmental Information Systems

The Information Society in the Ten EU Accession Countries

The Fifth Framework Programme of the EU

The Sixth Framework Programme of the EU

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